Seletti Mouse Lamp Standing


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Seletti Mouse Lamp Standing

After the success of the Monkey Lamp we have here the new design of Seletti Mouse Lamp Standing. A lamp inspired in the animal Kingdom, this little mouse will change our mind about this animal changing terror for tenderness. Its design will give a funny touch to any room in your house.

Use it only for indoor use.

Clean it with a cloth dampened with warm water, using no cleaning products and unplugging it from the mains.

230V – 50 Hz – E14

H 14.5 cm – 6 x 13.3 cm




Since establishment, in 1964, the Italian company Seletti has always distinguished itself with its creative freshness and irony in the household design products.

Using the ability to look at an object with the close bond to the value of the gestures of a person at home, we have the possibility to live and narrate our existence in the style we choose. Objective and effective clues for an adventure, and a personal one for each of us offered in a creative key: the objects as they once were, come to us, talk whit us and with our sensitivity, and this is the very intellectual quality that make them outstanding. Poetics of the production and the daily life that, when compared to life that has been experienced, turns into the continuous journey of increasing our wordily things with the idea of batty:

As a result of unique combinations, references to the world of art and care for daily needs, Seletti products enter the homes of any consumers with fine taste, who like creating fun and personal life styles.
Since 1988, SELAB is the laboratory that has been inspiring the creativity of the Seletti brand. SELAB gives shape to the flow of ideas, believes in speed and the power of team work and in creative enjoyment.

Today the company is run by the family’s first and second generation: Romano and Maria with their children Stefano and Maria. In the company’s 30,000 sq.m. of production premises in Cicognara di Viadana, the design, develop, create and market decorative object for the home.


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