Old Soles Cheer Leader High Top Silver

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Old Soles Cheer Leader High Top Silver

Old Soles Cheer Leader High Top Silver


Old Soles Cheer Leader High Top Silver comes with elastic laces and velcro strap.  Making it easy to put on and take off. The rubber sole provides flexibility and comfort as well as making it a durable long lasting shoe.

Old Soles leather is skin smart and 100% natural. All material is tested for skin safety. Where possible Old Soles use a stretch heel that are elasticised for soothing and snug fit. Arch support with a cushioned inner-sole for correct posture, body alignment and balance.

Old Soles also use 100% natural leather lining that absorbs sweat, keeps feet cool in summer and warm in winter.

When little ones learn to walk, their feet are still developing. Their foot arch and Achilles tendon are not yet defined and their foot muscles still need to develop. Old Soles design their toddler shoes to accommodate this crucial stage of the foot’s development. They’re flexible and have a rounded toe, flat sole and heel support.

As toddlers come out of soft shoes, they need comfy, more structured footwear to take their first steps, walk and run. Old Soles sizes in this range go from 18 Months to Five Years Old. A heel counter locks the foot into a shoe for increased support. And if you are choosing a sandal for your little walker who is on the go this summer, it’s time to take the next step into sandals featuring back heel padding for comfort which is standard in most of Old Soles sandals.

All kids develop differently and their feet do too. A thinned out, stronger foot needs a shoe that’s a comfortable size with support in all the right places, as walking develops into running, jumping, kicking and climbing. There’s also the matter of taste some kids prefer a less structured shoe like a sandal, while others prefer firmer footwear so Old Soles caters to both. Old Soles sizes in this range go from Four to Ten Years Old

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22 5 6
23 6 7
24 7 8
25 8 9
26 9
27 10
28 10 11
29 11 12
30 12 13
31 12½ 13½
32 13 1
33 1
34 2
36 3 4

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