Numero 74 Tatami Quilt Gold


Numero 74 Tatami Quilt Gold

Numero 74 Tatami Quilt Gold can be used as floor mat, futon or padded quilt. ¬†Originally used as a light, multi-purpose and easy-to-carry mattress on the wooden floors of traditional Thai houses. Its intricate hand-crafted process is inherited from past generations. With this many uses, what’s not to love!

Material / Composition:
Double Gauze Cotton
100% Cotton
Outer shell: GOTS certified Organic Cotton
Padding: Recycled cotton

Thickness: 3 cm approx.

Handmade by artisans in Thailand. Potential slight variations of shape, colour and dimension should be considered as natural particularities of a hand-crafted production process.

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Size Bedding



65×110 cm, 140X200 cm

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