Numero 74 Summer Sleeping Bag Gold


Numero 74 Summer Sleeping Bag Gold

Numero 74 Summer Sleeping Bag Gold is a lovely idea to keep your babies cosy and secure at night and ensuring a good night’s sleep for everyone! Handcrafted with traditional techniques by a cooperative of Thai women, the cotton sleeping bag by Numero 74 is to be worn over your baby’s nightwear as a substitute for blankets, which can be cumbersome and even dangerous.

Light and breathable, this sleeping bag is ideal for summer and the hottest nights. Sleeping bags help avoid the risks associated with your baby getting overheated at night, including SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Fitted with a practical zip oh the side and fasten with two poppers at the shoulders, it makes night-time nappy-changing amazingly easy. The model is perfect for a newborn gift!

  • Size 0 : 57 cm | Size 1 : 75 cm | Size 2 : 85 cm.
  • Age : Size 0: 0 – 6 months | Size 1 : 6-12 months | Size 2 : 9-18 months
  • Machine washable on delicate cycle, 30°C max

Super soft and light open-weave cloth helps regulate child’s body temperature, keeping it safe and helping it sleep peacefully.

Takes the place of bulky blankets to cover pyjamas and takes over naturally from swaddling in the early months.

Sleeveless sleeping bags are recommended by the CJ Foundation for SIDS as a way to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Sindrome.


  • Side zip
  • Poppers at the shoulders
  • Composition: 100% cotton gauze
  • Ideal for summer nights
  • Care: Machine washable at 30° degrees, delicate cycle
  • Hand made in Thailand


Numero 74

Italian brand Numero 74 founded by two cousins, one Italian and the other French. Their collection offers everything from vintage inspired kids furniture, bedroom decoration and bedding. Handmade with high quality fabrics such as wool, cashmere, cotton and linen. And at the heart of Numero 74 is their desire to appeal to children and parents alike. These unique handmade pieces and limited editions has us swooning here at KID.

Handmade in Thailand by skilled artisans of a women’s cooperative. From the design of every single item, through to the selection of materials and oversight of all manufacturing processes. Thus we are offered a handmade collection that is loved, trusted, cared about. And most noteworthy Numero 74 provide these women a steady income and source of employment that permits them to work from home while they’re are looking after their family.

Numero 74’s ever growing range consists of several collections. The home collection includes cushions, bed linen, canopies, curtains, towels, home accessories and furniture. While their baby care includes bedding, nests, sleeping bags, change pads, clothes & accessories. Also included in the range the party collection where you will find the most beautiful garlands, handcrafted fancy dresses and accessories, party gifts and stationery. And finally more recently another collection of adults bedding, clothing, canopies and accessories.

See KID’s Numero 74 Range Here.



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