Numero 74 Scarf Powder


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Numero 74 Scarf Powder

Another irresistible addition to the Numero 74 collection! This Numero 74 Scarf Powder is designed especially for the most stylish Mamas, that will fit in perfectly with all wardrobes.

Handmade in the mountains of Northern Thailand with soft, breathable cotton, great for adding a chic touch to any outfit!

Size – 200 x 45cm

Numero 74 founded by two cousins, one Italian and the other French. Timeless artisanal creations, unique in their texture and 15 exclusive colours. Handmade with high quality fabrics such as wool, cashmere, cotton and linen. It has us swooning here at KID.

And at the heart of Numero 74 is their desire to appeal to children, as much as to their parents. To keep childhood dreams alive, to add a little poetry and beauty to a child’s life. And to let their imagination run wild free.

Handmade with love in Thailand by skilled artisans of a women’s cooperative. From the design of every single item to the selection of the materials and oversight of all manufacturing processes. Numero74 works in direct relation with the female artisans in Thailand. Meaning we are offered a handmade collection that’s loved, trusted, and cared about in the market. Moreover, Numero 74 provide the women a steady income and a source of employment. This permits them to work from home whilst they’re looking after their family.

Their collections created in limited series with a great respect of traditions by the heirs of ancestral knowledge.

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