Numero 74 Canopy Stone Grey


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Numero 74 Canopy Stone Grey

Numero 74 Canopy Stone Grey makes for a perfect hiding spot, reading nook or bed canopy. Nice and compact if needed by loosely tying the drape in a knot. Or left loose can be made larger just by adding a few cushions to suit the size of your space!

Each piece is handmade and hand dyed with love by skilful artisans in Thailand. Due to the handmade production of N74’s collections there may be slight variations in colour and size. This is the nature of such methods. If you have any concerns or questions about this or any other of our pieces please feel free to contact us prior to purchase.

Why we love them.

We love these canopies for a number of reasons. Beautiful as they are, they are also equally as practical. Washable, we all know what kids are like! Compact if need be by tying method an easily removed and transportable. But most importantly these stunning canopies grow with you child. From baby to well into their teen years. Making this a worthy investment and easily a keepsake.

At baby stage hang above the cot or basinet. As well as beautiful it will create a snug and womb like feel. Keeping baby calm and free from distractions in the room. You can continue this throughout.

At toddler and child stages its makes for a fantastic play tent or teepee. No matter what the size of your room is this tent is easily adjust to suit your space. Due to the gathered curtaining, the canopy has plenty of fabric to open it up into a large area by laying out cushions an mats to area needed. Or keep it cosy as it falls into the circumference of its loop. This way when your child has company it can be suited to fit all. If you’re really tight for space place it over the bed and have the bed be the base for the play tent.

We all know canopies aren’t just for children. Placed over the bed is for teens and adults too. Create a relaxed, calm and romantic space. This size is suited for Single, King Single and Double. If your bed is larger then take a look at our Numero 74 Maxi Canopy designed for Queen beds or perhaps even our Numero 74 Bed Drapes here.


Cotton, ceiling hook not included, handcrafted, traditionally dyed
Composition: 100% Organic Cotton
Dimensions: Height 200 cm. Diameter at top: 54 cm
Care: Machine washable on delicate cycle, 30°C max.

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white, prune, teal, mustard, blue grey, dusty pink, rose, grey, dark grey

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