Numero 74 Bowling Set Canvas Dark Grey


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Numero 74 Bowling Set Canvas Dark Grey

Numero 74 Bowling Set Canvas Dark Grey. A stunning bowling set that’s safe to play with indoors! This soft 7 peice set comes with a cotton drawstring bag for easy store and go. Made from 100% organic cotton canvas material. Made ethically and responsibly in Thailand by skilful artisans. Each piece is handmade and hand dyed. Therefore there may be slight variations in colour and size between each item.

This bowling set consists of 6 pins and 1 bowling ball. Pins measure approximately 23cm tall 10cm wide. The bowling ball measures approximately 13cm.

A timeless classic toy for all ages. Thoughtfully made as well as thoughtfully designed. There’s a lot of reasons why we love this toy. Using soft materials means it protects your walls, windows and furniture. The bowling ball large enough for little ones to be able roll at pins to get a hit. Reducing the frustration of not winning a shot and feeling a sense of triumph.

We’ve come across a lot of these bowling sets over the years. This Numero 74 bowling set is by far the most practical and beautiful!

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