Mondo LED Torch


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Mondo LED Torch

Mondo LED Torch is no ordinary flashlight. Rather than having a torch that sits in a drawer or an emergency kit between uses, how about having a lighting solution that is practical in all senses.

Finding the flashlight can become a chore, often never finding one when you really need it. Or  worse finding it and realising it’s out of battery! Well designer Kazushige Miyake has made a solution. This LED flashlight or torch if you will, doubles as a nightlight and lamp to be used in a more prominent place in your home. Simply by turning it on and leaving it light side down on a side table.

This is practical lighting at its best with all the design and aesthetics for regular use.


2.3″L x 2.3″W x 6.57″H

— 3X AAA Batteries Needed
— 2 Lighting Modes

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