Mimi’lou Decal Glow in the Dark Bear Constellation

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Mimi’lou Glow in the Dark Decal Bear Constellation

Mimi’lou Decal Glow in the Dark Bear Constellation are innovative glow in the dark wall stickers featuring Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.  Are you looking for something innovative and a bit different to decorate your child’s bedroom?

These wall stickers depict the Great Bear star constellation so as well as looking great they have an educational element and also provide a little bit of comfort.

Who’d have thought a children’s wall sticker could be so versatile?  These glow in the dark wall stickers are cut very finely so once applied they look as if they have been drawn on the wall.

25cm x 28 cmVinyl25 cm x 28 cm

Made In France




Mimi’lou was created in 2005 by Miriam Derville of German origin, from the luxury or she has been artistic director for advertising among other fragrances Givenchy, Lacoste, Hugo Boss and Guerlain.

To share her passion for drawing with her children, she paints their stuffed animals on the walls of their room. Children are happy and adults ask about them. So to put her drawings wherever she wants, she realized they could be made with tape … and that’s how Mimi’lou was born! Inspired by the world funny and tender children’s drawings on the wall to join in a poetic world where reading a book with her hippo, whispering a secret into the ear of a doe, or walking the butterfly. Today Mimi’lou have expanded to making bags, lamps, cushions, stationery etc..

It’s a sweet and new idea.


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