Make Me Iconic Small Parts Kit


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Make Me Iconic Small Parts Kit

Make Me Iconic Small Parts Kit has been created to extend the play of your already loved tram, ferry or ute.

Included is the following for you: 5 passengers (painted more posh and detailed to make them really stand out), 4 pretend coins,  2 pretend money notes, 1 tram ticket (not a MYKI we gave you a ticket old school style!), 1 ferry ticket, 1 give way sign, 1 traffic light and 1 stop sign. Please kindly note: these tickets, coins and banknotes are not meant to be true to life, just a little fun to trigger your child’s imagination.

Ages 3+

12cm (L) x 12cm (W) tin box

Designed to comply with Australian toy standards with non toxic paints

Comes packaged in a beautiful tin box

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