Djeco Bead Weaving Cats


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Djeco Bead Weaving Cats

Djeco Bead Weaving Cats, simple and original activity set where children use the provided thread to stitch the beads to beautifully illustrated perforated boards. The child installs a weft of elastic thread directly on the card and then threads the rows of beads to customise the outfits of these charming characters. The set includes 6 pre-perforated character cards, 6 coloured background cards, 1 sheet of double-sided adhesive foam squares, 8 tubes of seed beads (pink, red, white, anthracite, blue, green, bronze, gold), 2 needles, 2 grommets, 1 spool of transparent elastic thread, 1 spool of white thread, 5 transparent cups for easy handling of the beads, 1 colour step-by-step booklet.

Suitable from 8 to 14 years.


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