DesignByThem Dial Hanger Pink


Dial Hangers can be mixed and matched in various colours, quantities, layouts and can be purchased with or without the extension hook.

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DesignByThem Dial Hanger Pink

DesignByThem Dial Hanger Pink is made from powder coated stainless steel so are ideal for wet areas or to hang things outdoors.

Dimensions 64mm (W) x 31mm (D) x 64mm (H)

DesignByThem was launched in 2006 by cofounders Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson with the mission of creating an Australian design brand and a belief that good design makes our lives more enjoyable and appreciative of our environment.

The collection includes Nicholas and Sarah’s designs alongside the work of other great Australian designers where they brings together and represents the talent of Australian designers in a playful collection of fun and functional objects.

For DesignByThem design education is imperative to driving a more innovative and sustainable society. All products are designed in Australia with a sensitivity to time and the environment.


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