Collegien Slipper Socks Assorted


Collegien Slipper Socks Assorted

Collegien Slipper Socks Assorted Colours. These sock slippers are perfect for the whole family. Assorted selection of slippers for your feet. The Collegien slippers have an ergonomic, non-slip and micro-ventilated sole. They are machine washable at 30 °.

Fantastic for around the home and are very popular amongst KID customers for childcare and quick trips out and about.

Collegien Story

The story of Collégien is that of a family, a village and a priceless know-how.

The Guilles have run their hosiery factory for over a century, at Briatexte, a small village in the southwest of France. In 1947, Robert created the Collégien brand and, with his brother Alain. They invented the injection of a soft rubber sole in a sock, and voila, the slipper-sock was born! In 2007, Olivier Guille, today’s CEO and the founder’s great-grandchild, restyled this iconic item and made it a worldwide beloved accessory, thank to its design, vivid colours and comfort.
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EU 18, EU 24, EU 26, EU 28, EU 30, EU 32


EU 18 – Elephant, EU 18 – Stripe, EU 24 – Pink Leopard, EU 26 – Orange, EU 28 – Geometric, EU 30 – Geometric, EU 30 – Yellow Geometric, EU 32 – Pink Leopard

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