Tip Toey Joey

It was the little foot of Sofia the daughter of the duo that are Tip Toey Joey that inspired the creation of their first shoes.

Soft to respect the folds and the delicate skin of their┬ábaby. Using only “paper, ink and a walk” a foot mould emerged (that’s right a foot!)

Scott began stamping her little foot in the paper to understand how the shoe design should be.

From stamps to wooden moulds sanded by hand, they created the base of the first shoes. A shoe that has captured not only Sofia, but other babies around the world for their cuteness and not mention their little foot!

The family grew and Sofia got a little sister. During this time the brand also grew. All within the same principle of comfort and unique design, which is still done using that same formula, Tip Toey Joey are continuing to make shoes for our children every day.

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