The heart of Muskhane beats in Nepal, where happiness and simplicity reign. Purity and spirituality are manifested in every gesture. Colour, rich and nuanced, beautifies everyday life.

Muskhane is a story of social engagement. Established in Nepal since the late 1990s. When couple Valérie and Thierry Billot were both working for Handicap International. They rapidly fell for the beauty of the Himalayas, the region and its people. Enchanted by the traditional techniques of production still very much the norm in their adoptive community. And passionate about improving the conditions of the artisans whose work they so admired. They decided to set about developing a system of fair trade and commerce. Thierry and Valérie created their first collection for Muskhane in 2002.

The mountains, landscapes, and rich colours of Kathmandu lent the tone for the collections dreamed up by Valérie. While Thierry set to work establishing fair-trade and equitable working relationships with the producers and artisans. Back in Paris, the Muskhane team matched Valérie and Thierry’s enthusiasm for making these authentic and contemporary products available for purchase.

Their mission, above all, is to share their values with you. Respect is at the heart of this story, with the belief that respect is essential. For the Nepalese partners, the artisans with whom they have built durable working relationships. Respect of the environment, in the use of exclusively natural and renewable materials to create products, all of which are handmade in Nepal. All this is what embodies Muskhane. When you purchase a Muskhane product you contribute and support their vision.

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