Linea by Leander


This beautiful collection is another example of the unique design and craftsmanship Leander is so renowned for, the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail applied only the look is very different. The soft curves are replaced with a more edgy, urban style.

Designer Stig Leander says:” The innovative design of Linea by Leander® is not an attempt to keep the classic and organic Leander shapes at a distance. Rather it’s a sophistication of what I love. Making design that matters.”

The precise, angled lines project trendy urbanism while the finger joints tell a story of tradition and strong wood working skills. Together they offer a brand new look supported by great functionality and an innovative range of textiles.

The Linea Dresser a beautiful piece not just for your childs room but anywhere in the home and the Linea Cot converts seamlessly from cot to toddler bed to sofa and follows your child’s development and needs, true to the Leander mantra:

“To design quality furniture for children, one has to see the world trough their eyes and understand their need for safety and opportunity to develop.” – Stig Leander, designer & founder



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