Bed & Philosophy

Bed and Philosophy

For Bed & Philosophy the room is a place of life in its own right. It is a place of relaxation, we write, we inform, sometimes we work, we enjoy our Sunday breakfast, we share intense and unforgettable feelings of happiness.

All these small and great moments of happiness deserve a tender, simple and authentic universe.

Bed & Philosophy play with colour to harmonise and mix and match according to the mood. It accumulates pillows square, round and rectangular in sobriety and opulence. The flat sheet with rounded corners, hemmed with a handkerchief finish, arises with a gentle casualness without bordering.

Linen reminds us of the beautiful clothes of the past while respecting our preoccupations today. It’s cultivation requires neither pesticide nor watering. Bed & Philosophy linen is beautiful. It restores the colours beautifully. Linen is fresh; Crude to the tender fiber and its contact is sensual.

The linen wrinkles are wrinkles of expression.

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