Best Baby Comforters & Why

Baby comforters also know as blankie’s are a soft and cuddly transitional object. They provide baby with a sense of safety and security. It’s a portable bestie if you will, used to signal a time to relax and unwind for bedtime. It also provides comfort for stressful times. Things like separation anxiety, immunisations, long travel, childcare or change in routine for example.

The idea behind baby comforters is psychological. In time and with consistency baby is able to transfer some of their feelings to this object. In turn, this gives them the ability to self soothe independently at bed time. And makes them feel safe or a reminder of you in stressful situations. Makes sense right? Which is why we often get customers buying two identical comforters! A replacement for when one is being washed or worse, accidentally left behind somewhere.

Here’s a little selection of the comforters we love and why.

Numero 74 Lovely Star Doudou is made from GOTS Certified 100% Organic cotton. They are each handmade by skilful artisans in Thailand. Super soft and cuddly and easy to hold in a perfect size for any age.

The star is a timeless classic design and synonymous with all kinds of positive things. The song twinkle twinkle little star, make a wish, shooting star, stars in the night sky, a rising star. The list goes on!

Something baby is attached to usually ends up as a keepsake. Other than a keepsake, this could be extended and used as decor or attached to the top of a wand stick! Cherished and kept even when the baby grows up, a tender souvenir of childhood.

Nobodinoz So Natural Knitted Teether Ring
Nobodinoz So Natural Knitted Teether Ring Biscuit

Speaking of keepsakes, one baby comforter that immediately comes to mind is our lovely Nobodinoz So Natural Knitted Teethers. This elegant two-in-one provides not only comfort but also relief for when your little one is starting to teethe.

With its two old time classic features in the knitted organic cotton comforter and natural soild maple wood ring, this is one keepsake that will stand up to the test of time both in durability and style.

Kenana Knitters Organic Cotton Comforter Lion

And if you want to keep it classic but would like something a little more fun, then you can’t look past our Kenana Knitters Organic Cotton Lion Comforter. This little guy is special for a number of reasons.

When you purchase any one item from the Kenana Knitters range, you are not only purchasing some of the most beautifully made toys in the world, you are also purchasing a lovingly handmade item from a womens co-op in Kenya. This helps support the women and their families. Each one of these items is signed by their maker and gives you a beautiful story and message to pass on to your child.

So, whether you’re a parent to be or in need of a thoughtful baby gift don’t go past a quality comforter. In need of a little more to go with your comforter? Head to our website and explore our Baby section for some more baby staples.

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Birds, Bees & Bugs! Bringing the outdoors in.

Studio Roof

After almost a year without any deliveries due to the global Covid pandemic, we’re finally receiving our shipment of goodies we’ve been so eagerly awaiting. Oh yes, we have been busy little bees working behind the scenes to bring you some new exciting products like this one.

Presenting Studio ROOF. All the way from the Netherlands this fun brand creates beautiful home decor and toys inspired by nature and art. Environmentally conscious, all the products are made from recycled cardboard and vegetable inks.

We’ve selected a large array of products everything from birds, bees and bugs to dinosaurs and unicorns. The best thing about this brand is that its for all ages. Whether you’re young or old, everyone can appreciate the beauty of these products. And to top it off they are sooooo affordable. Which means they make a great go to gift and you can style an amazing space without breaking the bank. Regardless of your style, bold and colourful or vintage, for a hallway or nursery Studio ROOF works in any space in the home.

Available we have all sorts of wall decor and DIY colouring kits, even some Christmas tree ornaments and enamel fashion pins. Get creative with you space and the products….use your imagination, create a stunning mobile from some of the pieces. The possibilities are endless!

This brand certainly has bugging out. Sorry, pun intended, we couldn’t help ourselves. Click here to check out our entire selection of Studio ROOF products. Enjoy!

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And that’s a wrap!

When one door closes, another door opens……well pre Covid anyway!

For now we close our doors at Kew and remain online until further notice and look forward to seeing what unfolds in the new chapter and history of KID.

The journey has been long and not always easy but we are excited and remain positive for the future ahead.

We’ve always operated as a bricks and mortar store first. All the news and updates of our store have been delivered first hand. Now that we’ve moved to an online only platform, we’ll be ramping up our emails and Blog posts to deliver all the latest store news. You can check in here anytime to get your updates along with some product reviews, DIY and tips and tricks for home.

We look forward to hopefully seeing you face to face again and thank you all so much for your support over the years. Without you we would cease to exist so truly a big THANK YOU!

Enjoy your time here, see you on the flip side!

K I D x

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Spotlight on Oeuf

Team KID are thrilled to announce we are now a stockist of Oeuf!

There may be some who ask, who is Oeuf?

In a nutshell, Oeuf evokes the image of simple, clean and intuitive design – the core principles we love so much here at Kids Interior Designs

Oeuf Merlin 3 Drawer Dresser Sparrow Birch 3

Starting with the birth of their first child in 2002, designers Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan believe in designing world class products that offer true value to consumers without ever compromising on quality. From making a conscious choice to manufacture in Europe versus China, to offering their clients furniture that is not only high quality but also multi-functional.

Oeuf Perch Loft Bed Birch 5

Oeuf use natural, renewable, recyclable materials that emphasize conservation and lead to environmentally sound products, all whilst employing eco-conscious manufacturing processes that promote sustainability.

Oeuf Perch Toddler Bed Birch 3

Recently, Oeuf have also had some exciting new releases:

Elephant Cot
Oeuf teams up with Spanish designer Carlos Tiscar to create the Elephant Cot, a cot that can be assembled with minimal hardware in 10 minutes.

Oeuf Elephant Cot Room

This cot was designed to be a fun addition to a nursery and to make the lives of modern parents easier. The Elephant combines the design sensibility of Tiscar, a Spanish artist, with Oeuf’s experience making safe and sustainable baby furniture.

River Twin Bed

The Oeuf River Twin Bed’s clean lines make it a perfect fit with any kids’ style.  The River Twin Bed also features a little bench at the foot of the bed which provides a spot for kids to relax and read, or doubles as storage for books and toys.

Oeuf River Bed Birch 5

Sleepovers are made simple with the River Trundle Bed, which tucks neatly away and can be used to store blankets and clothes when friends aren’t around.

Play Table & Chairs

Art projects, tea parties, and snack time are all more fun in kid-sized proportions. Stylishly simple yet wonderfully inventive, the Oeuf Play Table set makes a lovely addition to a nursery or play room, and features durable, eco-friendly finishes with an easy-to-clean laminate tabletop.

Oeuf Play Table White 2


Now in-store and online at KID – Shop Oeuf now

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Introducing: Studio Snowpuppe

Introducing Studio Snowpuppe to Kids Interior Designs, unique sustainable origami pendant lights for your rooms, big and small.


Over at Snowpuppe they stay close to nature by working only with simple, balanced, natural geometry. If we look closely we can see that forms in nature are built from simple ratios – by replicating these ratios Snowpuppe have created stunningly beautiful pieces that make an impressive statement. The lamps are made by hand in De Hague, The Netherlands by the designers Nellianna van den Baard and Kenneth Venenbos.


These gorgeous lights are made of special FSC certified paper of the type Butterfly, which lasts for years and years. The lamps include an E27 porcelaine socket and a 3 meter fabric cord, which are available in a number of colours.


Snowpuppe lighting truly invokes our inspiration here at KID – Please tell us your thoughts and comment below!





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Neon Nights

Our obsession with pink neon.

So we’re going through a pink neon phase and here we’ve gotten our fix. This combination with it’s pops of colour and warmth in the felt along with the softness of the rose gold bed screams modern lux.


storyboardblog copy

1.Kip & Co yellow velvet pillowcase, bird bedspread and Feliz sprinkle sprinkle neon pink pillowcase 2.Muskhane felt light shades 3.Incy Interiors rose gold bed 4.Muskhane rugs 5.Heico pineapple lamp 6.Areaware fawn pico cushion 7.Muskhane smartie cushions



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