Discover a range of soothing solutions for your teething baby with our selection of baby teethers. From BPA-free silicone teethers to natural teething remedies, our collection offers gentle relief for your little one’s discomfort. Explore our soft and chewable teething toys designed to provide comfort and stimulation during this milestone. Shop now for the perfect teething ring or toy to help ease your baby’s teething woes!

Natural Wooden Teethers

Eco-friendly wooden teethers, crafted from natural Maple wood provide safe and soothing relief for your teething baby. These delightful wooden teething toys offer a sustainable and stylish alternative, designed to stimulate your little one’s senses while alleviating discomfort. Handcrafted wooden teethers, perfect for eco-conscious parents seeking quality and safety. Shop now for the perfect wooden teether to support your baby’s teething journey!

Teething Rings & Comforter

Dual functionality: Both teething relief and comfort from the soothing texture of the attached fabric, offering a multi-purpose solution for babies. Comforter provides a familiar and comforting object for babies to hold onto, promoting a sense of security during the teething process.

Teether & Bath Toy

Natural Rubber versatile teethers double as a fun bath toy, providing soothing relief for teething babies while adding enjoyment to bath time.

Activity Teethers

Activity teethers that combine the soothing relief of teething toys with engaging features like rattles or crinkly fabrics to stimulate baby’s senses and promote both teething comfort and developmental play.

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