Baby Comforters

Baby comforters also know as blankie’s are a soft and cuddly transitional object. They provide baby with a sense of safety and security. It’s a portable bestie if you will, used to signal a time to relax and unwind for bedtime. It also provides comfort for stressful times. Things like separation anxiety, immunisations, long travel, childcare or change in routine for example. The idea behind baby comforters is psychological. In time and with consistency baby is able to transfer some of their feelings to this object. In turn, this gives them the ability to self soothe independently at bed time. And makes them feel safe or a reminder of you in stressful situations. Makes sense right? Which is why we often get customers buying two identical comforters! A replacement for when one is being washed or worse, accidentally left behind somewhere. Explore our selection of the comforters we love.

Numero 74 Doudou

Made from GOTS Certified 100% Organic cotton and each artisan handmade. Cuddly and easy to hold in a perfect size for any age. The star is a timeless classic design and synonymous with all kinds of positive things. The song twinkle twinkle little star, make a wish, shooting star, stars in the night sky, a rising star. The list goes on! Something baby is attached to usually ends up as a keepsake. Other than a keepsake, this could be extended and used as decor or attached to the top of a wand stick! Cherished and kept even when the baby grows up, a tender souvenir of childhood.

Teething Rings & Comforter

Dual functionality: Both teething relief and comfort from the soothing texture of the attached fabric, offering a multi-purpose solution for babies. Comforter provides a familiar and comforting object for babies to hold onto, promoting a sense of security during the teething process.

Kenana Knitters Organic Cotton Comforter Lion

Kenana Knitters Lion Comforter

Made from organic cotton this little comforter makes a super soft cuddle toy perfect for baby. Handmade with love by a womens co-op in Kenya to help support women and their families. Everything about this cuddle cloth is special, from its classic design to its makers. A cherished keepsake and beautiful meaningful gift to give.


Comforters with Design in mind

Fabelab cuddle cloths offer stylish design for modern families without skimping on functionality. These comforters are made with a cotton front and cuddly soft backing fabric for lots of snuggles and the added bonus…the ears can be use to tie baby’s pacifier!

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