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Introducing: Studio Snowpuppe

Introducing Studio Snowpuppe to Kids Interior Designs, unique sustainable origami pendant lights for your rooms, big and small.


Over at Snowpuppe they stay close to nature by working only with simple, balanced, natural geometry. If we look closely we can see that forms in nature are built from simple ratios – by replicating these ratios Snowpuppe have created stunningly beautiful pieces that make an impressive statement. The lamps are made by hand in De Hague, The Netherlands by the designers Nellianna van den Baard and Kenneth Venenbos.


These gorgeous lights are made of special FSC certified paper of the type Butterfly, which lasts for years and years. The lamps include an E27 porcelaine socket and a 3 meter fabric cord, which are available in a number of colours.


Snowpuppe lighting truly invokes our inspiration here at KID – Please tell us your thoughts and comment below!





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